Monday, January 12, 2009

so here we are...

i am trying...
to let things get back to normal as can be...
this is something that i worked on for holiday gifts and this i finished finally for myself
we always let our things fall to the side...ain't that the truth...

My first LO of 2009...using some Kenner Road love and I spelled trippin wrong...put a "p" in after the picture was taken...

and look at this little valentine love...jealous should be...from my friend Diane...

so back to my word for the year...accountablity
yes Liam should be accountable...another load washed with his pullup....yuck...and my gym clothes load...
Accountability to my food log...another yuck...but i am doing it

Friday, January 9, 2009


One word…new year…
How do we achieve it? Do we withhold it?
Do you honor it?
Lying only hurts you…
So with that one word i must go back in time
To be accountable

December flew by and I only made one post…difficult times for my family and i. You try to smile thru the tears of sadness. It’s the boys Christmas you have to. They had their gymnastic routines…fabulous

Then there was my Father’s annual tree trimming party. Good times to be surrounded by friends and family.
A shining light for us…the invitation to the “big table”… dinner at Ben and Judy’s. Oh how wonderful…my husband lit up at the thought of the invitation. The meal was fabulous as was the company for the Eve of Christmas.

With milk and cookies awaiting the arrival of the big man himself…my boys slowly slumbered off to sleep. Haydan as always was the first to awake had to wait for Liam to take his sweet time to wake up. He likes to sleep in. Unwraping the gifts were fast and furious. Yes, we had Cinderella, Night Vision goggles and Bakugans.

We had a visit to Yosemite for the snow. Only the wingmen! Girls and boys. We hung out at Joe’s house…no better place for the views. Snow ball fights abound. A picnic in his house. A good day trip!!

With a quiet New Years…Hayden and I took off for Disneyland to celebrate his birthday. How much fun we had. The rides…8 times on Thunder Mountain. The look on his face for Splash Mountain is the same look he had at four. No matter how tight i held him from behind was never enough.

So now we have the new year and it’s accountability time…no resolutions. hmmm how do i?