Monday, April 21, 2008

So it seems...

Take flight...
i try to keep posting but...what a week!!! Johnny came home with some sad news on the work front. i think we'll be able to bounce back. His lab is closing their doors in less then 2 weeks. i told him it might have been a good change for him. He would never look for work closer to home (right now his commute is 2 hrs one way). But change is change for him.
The boys have been dealing with their allergies. Poor things!! Over the weekend we went to visit the inlaws. Hayden loves staying at the hotel because he gets to go to the pool. Liam is a little more cautious. Plus there was a entire soccor team in the pool also. All these teenagers running around. He stayed very close to Mommy. One cool thing about going to Bakersfield is the scrappy store that is near the hotel. i love going in there. It is my sanity!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

So a little scrappin, a little socializing...

my good friend Cathy came out to visit my little humble abode over the weekend. We have so much history with her. She knew me before i was a Mrs. i think before i even met him, , kids (obviously); Yes YOUNG! The days i lived in Yosemite National Park. i always look back on those days with fondness...the Park is very close to my heart. It was good to see her. i did a little scrapping and was determined to work on the Scrap Mojo first one! Yay! If you haven't done a challenge of hers should! I've busting myself because i haven't yet. Now go out and challenge yourself to do other things...also on our Scrap for a Cure forum we have a few going on right now tool Danielle set up a fun one last night. It gets you out of your comfort zone...trying new things. Remember the word C H A L L E N G E !!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahhhh it's Friday....

what are you doing for the weekend? So far John and i have gone on a bike ride with Liam while Hayden was in school. Later today i will be going to boot camp. You know i just love an ass kicking to start my weekend off. i hope to get some more scrapping in this weekend. i did step up to the challenge on our forum. i cheated i did 2 in one. Now i am working on the Scrap mojo's one. Hey I'm on a roll out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

so it's hump day...

hopefully your day is not as chaotic as the torch bearers in San Francisco. The coverage cut into my soap opera time so i had to watch it. Life is tough for the protesters and torch bearers. They were all over the city...they were there and then this was cancelled or moved over here. CRAZY!!! Thank goodness i don't commute over the Golden Gate. Anyway i started working on a little mini book for my mother inlaw. We are going to the lovely town of Bakersfield next week to see them an she had asked me for one of my books. So i went at my used stash of 7gypsies. Do you have leftovers from classes you've taken? i do...tons of it. i can't part with it...i gonna use it. Today was the day...use your stash!It was fun using all the old stuff.

Monday, April 7, 2008

not a scrappin' weekend...

but it happens. i so wanted to...yah know the story, that four letter word LIFE. On the upside of things i am no longer a virgin!!! Yes you heard it...i played my first game of Bunco. It was a benifit Bunco night for one of Diane's students Shayne. Just the cutest boy. The slide show they played was a real tear jerker. Over all i learned the game of Bunco and saw some good friends.
On Sat. i went and saw the tax lady in Gilroy. She is kinda like my would be Aunt. She lived with us when i was a teenager. It's always like 1 1/2 hr of talking and 1/2 hr of taxes. Good time to catch up for the year. So she said not a bad year. I'm just glad i got that monkey off my back. Afterward we headed over to Coralitos. The town has one market in the town square and it is known for their sausages. OMG we got turned on to them by another friend a few years ago. So every chance we get we stock up. i don't know what happened to Sunday...i know i worked out but after that hmmmmmm house chores.
Today i snapped a few photos of Liam. He was catching some sun rays and his big dog Mac.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Up for a challenge?

On the Scrap for a Cure forum there is a word challenge..."Believe." i stepped up and did it last night. Usually i want to do one but never make the time. Why...i don't know? It was fun. Marie has great challenges on Scrapmojo. The past few have been Dr. Suess related and i so wanted to do them. Once again that thing called time. Check it out!What are you doing for the weekend? Me, oh i have a date with the tax woman. Yuck but it has to be done. After that i would like to work on my Scrap for a Cure April project...Flower Book. It is just too cute not to work on. It keeps calling me from the bag that houses it. i feel so lucky to get one! Last month i missed out on the lovely book that Maridette did. OMG and it comes with GREAT directions! They are going fast so don't miss this one...perfect for all those spring brunches and get togethers.
i threw in this photo of Liam...he was trying to be like the cartoon he was watching. The character was on a horse, so he got Rody out and his hat. Too cute!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you an April fool?

Ok so besides the camping trip and Reno i forgot the Wiggle tickets I received from a mob member. She had extra tickets and were giving them away to the first person who responded. i had just been talking to Diane about the fact that i had never taken Hayden to see tham. Well the three of us went to see the Wiggles...a big huuurray from Liam! He did enjoy them from my lap. A huge man sat in front of us and they opened with what looked like the Easter Bunny but it was only Mary's lamb. But still we know how Liam feels about people dressed as animals. i also forgot to tell you we colored our eggs when we were camping. Hayden always enjoys himself coloring them...i do too!

Yesterday was our April launch day at Scrap for a Cure.. The project is FANTASTIC...not to be missed! I can't wait to play with mine.