Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winding down the week...

The first four LO's were from Nikki Peterson's class that i took at Suzy's store. We had such a good time. Who's we ...the usual suspects and some new ones. i am so looking forward to June 21st to take KL's class. Another good day on the horizon.It's on the summer the longest day of the year. Do you ever notice that when you are at a crop the time just flies?? But when you're mopping or folding clothes the pile seems to get bigger and bigger.
Are we ready for the Lost season finale?? Oh i am !!

Can you believe that i scrapped pink?

My last LO is from a challenge that lovely Marie(bettiescrapbooks) came up with on our Scrap for a Cure forum. It has always been hard to scrap something about my mother. Sometime it 's healing...sometimes it's painful.
i can't believe that i will soon have a first grader. Oh my goodness! It seems like just yesterday he was entering into Preschool. Wow how time flies.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lazy day under the trees...

i don't think so with 3 boys. Why did i say 3...well we had one of Hayden's buddies join us. We headed out to Micke Grove in Lodi yesterday. It's this little park and zoo out in the central valley. i like the zoo because you can really get close to see the animals. Like the baboon that kept giving me think hebee geebee eye. Kinda freaked me he understood what i was saying. And of course the boys couldn't resist talking about the redness of their behinds. Boys will be boys. Liam DID NOT like the bigger monkeys being so close to him and basically crawled up my leg and into my arms. The little monkeys he did like though. He thought they were cute. There were about 350 kids there before we arrived but they had just left so we had the zoo all to ourselves. When we were finished the boys and i played under the trees and in the playground. What are you doing for the long weekend? i wanted to go camping but no reservations were to be had. i might go to Picture Me Perfect to take Niki Petersen's class on Sat. but other than that maybe a BBQ.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

oh my gosh...

i try to keep up with the blogging but life so happens. How about you?? So much happens in the week with 2 boys. Ya know what i mean...they are just on constant busy mode. Well i did have a nice Mother's Day. They made breakfast, gave me cards and tons of kisses all before 7:30 AM. Yes, it was early but i also got in my spin class. Since I've been sick climbing back into the workout saddle has been hard. Yesterday i felt how much i had missed, especially since it was Clint wiping our @$$%# across the gym floor...along with his Officer and a Gentleman quotes.
So have you scrapped?? i did a little last night. Did you know that we at Scrap for a Cure are having our first ever online crop on Sat. the 17th? We have so many goodies to give away. So stop in and join in the fun. Oh and our DT search ends this week so if you're on the fence please post soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So the heat has begun....

and with that the summer buzzzzz cut. Hadn't planned on Liam getting the cut but he got in the spirit of things and the next thing i new he was in the chair. He was silent through the whole thing and all he could do is look in the mirror. As soon as she was finished he ran his hand threw what was left of his hair and said, "haircut". i think they really look like John when he was their age.
Well i made it past NSD and shopping at the Alameda Antique Fair. What a weekend it was not to mention our 11th wedding anniversary. i think we are celebrating this weekend by going camping. We have Mother's Day too! So i hope we go camping. The boys want to go too!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

what a week it's been....

Can i tell you how much i enjoy this man!!! Those hands are the marvelous Tim Holtz and the necklace is mine that he created out of his new metals.
We attended an industry event over last weekend and he was one of many people i met. So how did i get that necklace. Well i told him i enjoyed seeing the necklaces that the ladies in his CHA booth wore. i asked him if he would put on his blog how to make them and i would trade him for a GREAT swimming hole in Yosemite. He said it was easy and showed us how to make them and then handed over to me a and said "size it". Can i say OMG!! Nice and sincere man. i also spent some time with Jenni Bowlin and her her too! But then there is the fabulous Teresa Collins who is so REAL!!! Ya know what i mean. Her new travel line is right and ready for all your travels this summer. Oh and the Cosmo Cricket new line...Yum! Stay tuned for these lovelies to appear at Scrap For A Cure. The event was just small and intimate perfect to get to know everyone a little bit more than you would at a CHA event.
So I've been combating a cold for the past week...but never too sick to do a little scrapping. This is my latest little goody. For me..ya know how you have all these little photos laying around that have been given by friends, family or you just haven't scrapped yet well I'm putting them in this book. i will reveal more when i finish maybe this weekend. What are you doing for NSD? Me...I'm scrapping with friends at Suzy's store in Fremont. Can't wait!!! i know it's my 11th anniversary but John said we could celebrate the following weekend. Nice husband huh!! Well on to sure to check out our wonderful kits that are now available at Scrap for a Cure. Can i say beautiful!!! And KL is our Guest designer for June. We also have a kit called Baylee's Hope Box which goes directly to her trust fund.