Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winding down the week...

The first four LO's were from Nikki Peterson's class that i took at Suzy's store. We had such a good time. Who's we ...the usual suspects and some new ones. i am so looking forward to June 21st to take KL's class. Another good day on the horizon.It's on the summer the longest day of the year. Do you ever notice that when you are at a crop the time just flies?? But when you're mopping or folding clothes the pile seems to get bigger and bigger.
Are we ready for the Lost season finale?? Oh i am !!

Can you believe that i scrapped pink?

My last LO is from a challenge that lovely Marie(bettiescrapbooks) came up with on our Scrap for a Cure forum. It has always been hard to scrap something about my mother. Sometime it 's healing...sometimes it's painful.
i can't believe that i will soon have a first grader. Oh my goodness! It seems like just yesterday he was entering into Preschool. Wow how time flies.

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Marie said...

Those are all great pages! Im so glad you did my challenge! I know i will have all my kids in school next year! YIKES! and yay too lol! So its a for sure you are going to kl's class??? Dont tease!