Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad blogger, bad blogger...

Well it's been all too long and i am too embarrassed to just say "I've been busy". But i have been really...i last left off where we had our booth at Scrapbook Expo.
It was a lot of fun...but a lot of work. Thank goodness for our friends and family. Michelle and Petrina came to the booth on Saturday to help. i just LOvE them!! And Kurt kept us fed both days. If it wasn't for him i don't see how we would of had nourishment. Ok i know that weekend came and went why didn't i blog then...well Hayden was out of school the next week so i had to entertain him. We then packed up the trailer and headed out to the coast. It was our first trip of the season. We were suppose to camp in Rio Vista but none of us made reservations...who camps during sping break? Nothing was available in the Delta area that is why we chose the coast. Casini Ranch was our campground of choice. Right on the Russian River. Gorgeous! The campground hosted an egghuunt on Sat. Liam wanted nothing to do with that bunny so he did not want to hunt for eggs. Hayden was the lucky finder of a Golden Easter Egg!We had fun trip even though it was very cold in the mornings but our family is crime, the Blardony's stuck it out with us. Who can resist good food, laughs and fun?Notice anything odd in the picture? No, we didn't plan the matchy matchy thing it just happened...odd huh? Well after all that we came home and were home a day ...did the laundry then left for Reno. Yeeehaw!! No I'm not a big gambler. $1.00 to be exact. Sorry Dad we did not win. i went for the Patagonia store...big disapointment and the Caballas store. i got my camp kitchen...yay! Those of you who know me know that i do all the cooking so it is only fitting to have my camp kitchen for camping. I'll tell you more tomorrow about our trip I promise.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Crazy little bees...

busy bees to be exact. And I'm not talking about the boys. We are gearing up for one of our biggest undertakings yet. Scrapbook expo in Pleasanton. It starts on Friday and I've been a packing fool. Over 100 class kits. i want to buy 1/2 of our booths inventory right now...the stuff is that good. We have done our homework...You know that saying "nobody puts baby in the corner"? Well that is where we are. But we got the goods that nobody else sells at expo. So if you are going please look for us in the corner.
On to other things spring has sprung here in Brentwood. It is just gorgeous! The weather is warm and the flowers are a popping.
You know me a little more winter and i would be just fine. i love the winter. As you can see the boys are enjoying themselves in the afternoon sunlight.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

So why do these things

make me smile?

Night time in Paris?

Dancing with friends into the night?

Using youth to the best of our abilities. Did you? i know i look back and i have no regrets...well maybe i should have gone to Europe. i will get there...i will be just a little older. i did get to go to the Yucatan, South America, Baja Mexico, the South West...yes i did take spanish in high school. And i did live ten years in Yosemite Valley. Did you grab the bull by the horns and go out and do it? i had a great time. Looking back married 11 years and two kids later.
These are also my sisters going out and doing the life!
Way to live it Rosie and Carol (she's the one shaking to the rhythm in the video)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OMG omg omg omg...

i made the catwalk at sis tv. i bet those of you non scrapppy people are wondering what that is... a hint it has nothing to do with fashion. Full name is Scrap in Style and it is a message board, store, support group, and a place where you can post your scrappin works of art. Last month my friend Diane called me out on the message boards to stop lurking and start posting. Well i took her up on the challenge. A few days ago i posted my first LO to the gallery. The fashionistas made their pick on Monday night and i was chosen. Never did i think i would be chosen. Nor did i know about the catwalk. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Monday, March 3, 2008

What do you choose...

coke or pepsi?
colgate or crest?
boxers or briefs?
film or digital?
safeway or raleys?
dry or wet glue?
mc donalds or jack in the box?
creative memories or outside of the box?
cheese board pizza or round table?
No brainer there...
brick and mortar store or online store?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunny sunday afternoon...

what have you done all weekend? Were you productive or lazy? What constitutes productive or lazy? Two of my business partners were at a scrappers weekend and the other two stayed home. They worked hard and got some scrapping in. We on the home front made goody bags for Expo in a few weeks. Work is work ya know.
i also caught up on my movies again this weekend.
During my "move extravaganza" i created this little beauty from some chipboard i pulled out from Diane's Maya Road tin she won at CHA. i thought of a mini book right away.

A nonfat carmel machiato in the late afternoon not only goes to the hips but also for a good buzz into the night. i stayed up till i finished it or i think the movies ran out.
i of course got up this morning and was going to play some racket ball with Diane but no courts. So i took a spin class. Yes i did get a number and so did Diane. The class is so popular that you have to stand in line for a number at least a 1/2 hr. before class. (Rosie when you come home you have to take one with me...yes that means coming out to suburbia. But i will cook for you.)
Well i hope your weekend was either productive or lazy...remember it's your choice.