Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunny sunday afternoon...

what have you done all weekend? Were you productive or lazy? What constitutes productive or lazy? Two of my business partners were at a scrappers weekend and the other two stayed home. They worked hard and got some scrapping in. We on the home front made goody bags for Expo in a few weeks. Work is work ya know.
i also caught up on my movies again this weekend.
During my "move extravaganza" i created this little beauty from some chipboard i pulled out from Diane's Maya Road tin she won at CHA. i thought of a mini book right away.

A nonfat carmel machiato in the late afternoon not only goes to the hips but also for a good buzz into the night. i stayed up till i finished it or i think the movies ran out.
i of course got up this morning and was going to play some racket ball with Diane but no courts. So i took a spin class. Yes i did get a number and so did Diane. The class is so popular that you have to stand in line for a number at least a 1/2 hr. before class. (Rosie when you come home you have to take one with me...yes that means coming out to suburbia. But i will cook for you.)
Well i hope your weekend was either productive or lazy...remember it's your choice.


Sharmaine said...

Oh I love your mini album!!!
LOVE IT!! Very clever use of the chipboard. Delish!!


Love the album. Waiting in line to exercise? it!