Monday, March 3, 2008

What do you choose...

coke or pepsi?
colgate or crest?
boxers or briefs?
film or digital?
safeway or raleys?
dry or wet glue?
mc donalds or jack in the box?
creative memories or outside of the box?
cheese board pizza or round table?
No brainer there...
brick and mortar store or online store?

1 comment:

reme4524 said...

im allergic to crest (wierd, huh.)
whole foods - prepared food section. ill die happy there.
wet glue
in n out
outside of the box
cheese board
what is a brick and mortar store?? i like hobby co.

chocolate or fruity sweets?
thanksgiving or christmas?
romance or comedy?
red lips or gloss?
aretha or whitney?