Monday, March 10, 2008

Crazy little bees...

busy bees to be exact. And I'm not talking about the boys. We are gearing up for one of our biggest undertakings yet. Scrapbook expo in Pleasanton. It starts on Friday and I've been a packing fool. Over 100 class kits. i want to buy 1/2 of our booths inventory right now...the stuff is that good. We have done our homework...You know that saying "nobody puts baby in the corner"? Well that is where we are. But we got the goods that nobody else sells at expo. So if you are going please look for us in the corner.
On to other things spring has sprung here in Brentwood. It is just gorgeous! The weather is warm and the flowers are a popping.
You know me a little more winter and i would be just fine. i love the winter. As you can see the boys are enjoying themselves in the afternoon sunlight.


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