Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well i made it to a fav...

on my bettiescrapjack...yay!!! She rocks out her LOs and she's a good scrappin' friend so i was more than happy step up to the challenge. Speaking of challenges i worked on my latest scrapmojo # 20...Also something must have been in the brother's Dan and Aaron called me last night. Now they are not local boys...Dan lives in Dubbo, Australia and Aaron lives in Hawaii. So i was more than thrilled to hear from both of them. David, i was waiting for your call (the middle brother) and it never happened. i did just see you though. So i guess that doesn't count. or maybe it does. What are you doing for your Holiday weekend? Guess where we are going? Yeah, i know another camping adventure.

Monday, August 25, 2008

scrapjack #35 (the bettiescrapjack)...

how could i not do this jack?? i haven't done a scrapjack yet so it was extra fun because of my friend. She added a lot of layering to her LO which i enjoy to do.
The boys in the picture are discussing all the goodies they hope to collect from the Easter egg hunt. It was so much fun watching them scramble all over and yelling back and forth to each other to see if someone had found the golden egg.
On other notes we are off for another camping trip. Just the moms and kids. Diane had hoped to get another trip to Memorial Park this summer but everything was booked for weeks. Well that good Karma happened again. i had been checking Craigs list and found some sites for the Labor day weekend. Yay for us. Diane was thrilled to say the least. So we are off again for a camping adventure.

Monday, August 18, 2008

One little word # 33...

This was my first challenge on this sight.
i had a good time with working all the layers.
Do you like challenges? They have been helping therapy to find my mojo.

Just a little family time...

goes a long way.
Fresh fruit and veggies.
Ohhh and the corn.
You can't forget the corn.
Sweet white and to summer perfection.

We all came from various areas to come together for the commonality of family. The kids had a great time playing and eating. Hayden brought his drawings to show everyone. i am so proud of him. Liam just sat in any available lap he could find and eat to his hearts desire around the table.

There was plenty to choose from.
So these are the sisters five.
Five we stand strong...20s, 30s, and i need not say 40s. I'm sure they love it. Poor David, our brother, come on you don't come to this kind of event in Madras shorts. i don't care if you say you were on the course. Your sisters are gonna take the opportunity to raz front of you and behind your back.

five we

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scrap Mojo # 19...

ohhhh what fun i had with this one. Sorry Cathy, but Diane caught this image of you when we were camping and i had to use it. Liam is WAY into to Darth Vader...but he calls him Garp Bader. i even had to down load some star wars tunes from itunes for the car. This was another good challenge to be a part of. Keep them coming!!!

Viewer discretion advised...

so you are hurling your body down the highway 65- 70 mph hanging tight to your hunny bunny. Well would you think about your butt hanging out for the world to see. Hmmmmm i just couldn't resist the shot on my iphone. Then her hunny bunny saw me do it and slowed down. Oh oh.These photos were from my little trip to Hambly last friday. Can you say new papers. When i walked in i was overtaken with all the lovelies. i also ran into Michelle from Scrap Mojo. i have met her once before over at Picture Me Perfect with Marie. i called Marie to fill her order and put Michelle on the phone to say hey. By the time i finished filling everyone's order it had been quite a while. Liam was a little champ thank's to Rose. She supplied him with all kinds of stickers and a book to put them in.
On Sat Diane and i went to Scrapbook Expo and then on to My Daughter's Wish to scrap with Daniela long into the night. We had a good time and i got to work with the Mr. Campy line from Cosmo Cricket. I'm working on a little book of our Lake Tahoe camping trip. Will show soon.
Here are some LO's I've done recentlly of the little guy and his Birthday related photos.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday night lights...

and they were bright for the man....Tim Holtz. What a wonderful man i must say. He was in Northern CA teaching at one of my favorite stores, My Daughter's Wish.
Sheri always is the wonderful hostess along with her crew! Loved seeing Daniela,Tabitha and Nancy.
(Maybe a little less pink Nancy)

We took one of his canvas book classes. i have wanted to take this class for a while. Well worth the wait. Diane and i had a marvelous time.

At the end Tim had a raffle he stated "good things happen to good people".

Mario wanted me to pick a ticket out of the basket. So the ticket i pulled out was my own!!!! No way!!! Good things good thoughts means good Karma!! Oh yeah. Then a couple of other numbers were pulled towards the end he pulled out 2 t-shirts from CHA. OOOhhh Diane wanted the green shirt sooo bad. So he started 3....7....then i said 8 loud and so did he!!!! Diane screamed like she was at a Duran Duran concert!!! Mario said good channeling to me. Good things happen to good people!!