Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scrapmojo # 18...

So this is my take on the challenge. Hayden had something funny to say as always. i thought it was cute that he would buy Mac (our dog) a girlfriend. He thinks Mac is lonley. I so enjoyed getting it on especially with the lovely miss KL. Did that sound wrong??? Anyway starting to feel normal almost. Or at least the fog is lifting. Our Friday night date for Diane and i is with Tim Holtz over at My Daughter's Wish. Will post pics.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I promised...

some photos from camping. Well I'm finally getting around to it.
We camped at Camp Shelly near Baldwin Beach in South Lake Tahoe for 5 wonderful days. We have turned into some pretty fabulous campers if i don't say so myself. OK i will get off the soap box.
Almost every day we went down to the lake. With the nearby fires some days there was no visibility across the lake. i had forgotten how much i like the area.

My friend Cathy joined us on our trip, she was (not) technically the au pair/nanny. She worked sooo hard at her job. It was still good company and laughs. Liam turned 3 and had his Darth Vader Birthday up there. He was soooo happy to finally have his birthday. Big milestones for him...he officially is potty trained. The camping trip did the trick. i guess annoucing to his audience that he was going to the bathroom did it for him. (The portapotty was kept out in the open instead of in the trailer) Yay for my big guy!!!

Our campsite. Picture taken from Johnny's snore tent or what we referred to as his penthouse.

At a fair during the summer i bought some henna tattoos for the kids. So i thought on this trip it wuld be great fun to break it out. The boys all loved it. i even think some of the other camper kids were jealous of their body art. Of course the women got theirs too. It was the power to the oops...what happens at the lake stays at the lake. The guys had a night to go out on the town and so did the women. i think they had a good night. Ours started off with shots of liquor at this really expensive boutique. The owner was giving away shots for free. And let me tell you...ya had to be drunk to pay those prices. It was a good night no matter how you break it up. Oh and i won on the slot machines.

So the summer is technically over for us, and i have a first grader (will show photos later) i can only bask in the summer memories. How quickly and temporary everything is. You have to live in the moment...if you don't well are there regrets?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Before i left for South Lake Tahoe...

i worked on this LO challenge. It was Scrapmojo's #17. i had such a good time working on it. The photo was taken on a hike we did in Memorial Park.
Later when i climb out of my laundry mound from camping i will post more about the long trailer trip home. You might want to come back because this story is a doosy.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What the heck...

have kids will travel. or camp. Diane and i so wanted to get another trip this summer soooo we snuck one in to Memorial Park down near Pescadero. The men folk had to work so we took off. They of course thought we were crazy but we sat around the fire and had a good time more than we do on trips with them. Don't tell them that they would never believe us.
While we were there quite a few women were there w/out the men. Matter of fact some more mom's we knew from town showed up.
To tire the boys out we took them on a hike to hunt for the crystal skull. Liam bagged his first peak. What a trooper
he was!! But his poor little legs were so tired for the down portion i carried him. But there was no whinning to be had.As for the crystal skull...i think they had more fun counting the banana slugs.

These are a couple more LO's for the Hambly DT tryout. Like i said "what the heck" you never know unless you try. But OMG i know a whole lot of people tried out. They must have the company is soooo rocking.
i had fun with these. Why not!!! My sister's photo in Prague was just begging for a page and soooo were these dirty boys.