Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scrapmojo # 18...

So this is my take on the challenge. Hayden had something funny to say as always. i thought it was cute that he would buy Mac (our dog) a girlfriend. He thinks Mac is lonley. I so enjoyed getting it on especially with the lovely miss KL. Did that sound wrong??? Anyway starting to feel normal almost. Or at least the fog is lifting. Our Friday night date for Diane and i is with Tim Holtz over at My Daughter's Wish. Will post pics.


Diane B. said...

Thanks for encouraging me to do Mojo's challenge. It was fun! And can I refer you back to that camping trip pic in your last blog post. Check out the calves on your boy. That's Johnny all the way. LOL

Michelle said...

Oh so lucky. I love My Daughter's Wish. I wanted to go to that class but can't get over there tonight. Hope you have a blast.

Also, I really like your take on the challenge. Great design and I love your son's answer. Super cute!

Scrap Mojo

Diana said...

Great LO! Hayden's always thinking :) Glad you're heading over to MDW- see you there :)

Lindsay said...

Such a cute answer! Great take! Thanks for playing! :)

-Lindsay (Mojo)

Melissa said...

Love the answer from your son :-)
THanks for playing along!
Melissa - ScrapMojo