Thursday, July 3, 2008

What the heck...

have kids will travel. or camp. Diane and i so wanted to get another trip this summer soooo we snuck one in to Memorial Park down near Pescadero. The men folk had to work so we took off. They of course thought we were crazy but we sat around the fire and had a good time more than we do on trips with them. Don't tell them that they would never believe us.
While we were there quite a few women were there w/out the men. Matter of fact some more mom's we knew from town showed up.
To tire the boys out we took them on a hike to hunt for the crystal skull. Liam bagged his first peak. What a trooper
he was!! But his poor little legs were so tired for the down portion i carried him. But there was no whinning to be had.As for the crystal skull...i think they had more fun counting the banana slugs.

These are a couple more LO's for the Hambly DT tryout. Like i said "what the heck" you never know unless you try. But OMG i know a whole lot of people tried out. They must have the company is soooo rocking.
i had fun with these. Why not!!! My sister's photo in Prague was just begging for a page and soooo were these dirty boys.


Diane B. said...

I think we counted 20 banana slugs! LOL Love the arms up in the air at the summit! Yahoo!!!

Candice P.J. said...

Love these layouts! TFS!

Diana said...

looks like you had a great time! Have fun on this one too-
Love the LO's