Friday, June 27, 2008

One of my submissions...

So this is one of my submissions for the Hambly DT tryout. It was a labor of love for my boys. i have never been close to my mother...some daughters are and some aren't. Matter of fact we didn't talk for almost 20 yrs. She died though knowing that she had grand-sons. Hayden asks me a lot of about her and or Grandmothers because John and i don't have mothers that come over and dote on them as Grandmothers do. So this book is filled with questions i have of motherhood and their questions also. There are photos of her with me as a girl. It helped me heal some old childhood wounds. Art is therapy...again it saves my sanity. Or just a nasty old workout at the gym with Clint will cure your blues any day...cuz you'll be too sore to think of anything else.

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