Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow...June came at me fast and furious...

So Hayden had his Kindergarten graduation, but his last day of school was suppose to be a water day unfortunately he got a fever the night before. That meant no school for him. He was very sad not to say goodbye to his buddies. What he didn't know was that afternoon i was loading the kids, Darren and Diane and driving down to Disneyland. We decided not to tell the boys until the next day that they were in Disneyland so that they would go to sleep. The only one that noticed where we were was poor Liam. He saw Disneyland and Mickey Mouse on the busses out in front of our hotel and screamed out with delight, but it fell on deaf ears. Those two boys still had no clue. They woke up in the morning and just thought they were going out for the day with their mom's. Breakfast was up on the 5th floor of our hotel. The elevator doors opened up and all you could see were the rides at Disneyland. It was like looking out over the Grand Canyon. Very surreal like. At one point they realized it was Disneyland and they started screaming. Everyone in the restaurant then realized that the boys did not know that they were in Disneyland. We had such a great time together. Both days the boys were picked for the Jedi training. They were thrilled. A lot of milestones were made also on this trip. The boys could ride all of the big rides and enjoyed riding them too!!! No fighting in the lines or whinning. That made the mommies happy.
We got back did our laundry and then two days later we left for Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains.

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