Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunny California....

So spring has sprung a little...time to get those pedicures in all the colors with bling or not. Picked out any cute sandals to go with those beautiful toes? i have seen some but haven't narrowed it down yet. Oh but the hunt for the seasonal purse hase begun and probably stopped in one store. Round and round we go, where we stopped...the Cole Haan store. Ouch!!

i just love the color...i was telling my friend Mia (also a lover of bags) that the orange was not a OH my god orange but an aaaaaahh.
Ok i have to move away from the "i want" bag...what are you doing this weekend? i will most likely work on finishing up the expo classes. fun fun fun And i can't forget my date with the tax lady...that is always a hoot 15 mins of business and 1 3/4 hr of gabbing. She is kinda like my aunt. She lived with us for a short while when i was a teenager.
The Scrap for a Cure March kits go up later today...can i now say Maria Grace Abuzman is our guest designer OMG!!! Ok the business partners are gonna get me for that being let out of the bag buuut i just LOVE her. What a great designer and gal!!! Check out our blog we are giving away all kinds of goodies over there. Don't miss out!!! now go out and enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy busy busy...that is what claimed tuesday

so i made it a point to blog today. What do you see through your lens on your phone? I have captured a few things in my day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

ever been to france???

My sister Rosie is studying abroad this semester and she is there right now. One lucky duck i tell ya!!!
This photo is from her past weekend in provence...jealous much?? i miss her loads and way excited to live vicariously through her emails. Can you imagine the food mmmmmmm!!! The scents whofting through the air. The little cafes and shops tucked away on some little avenue. Do they have avenues over there??Ahhhh to be that age again and travel with no kids. Well maybe not that age just the part about traveling with no kids. Someday i will get to Europe.
Ok ok on to business things....CHA stuff is coming in like crazy!!! Can i tell you how much i love Paul Whittaker. That man RoCKs my world...well at least my scrapppy world. We are getting in 3 new Tinkering Ink lines for expo. You don't want to miss any of it.
My Zutter should be shipping any day now...can't wait to play with that. Have you played with one?
What did you scrap this weekend??
Were you satisfied with the Oscar winners? What dresses did you like??

I saw the movie Vantage Point. My friends now know i am a screamer at movies.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New "boy" band in town...

have you heard the buzzz about them?
i think their lead guitarist is a little archaic to be in the "boy" band but a boy is a boy. right??? Anyway i caught one of their recent jam sessions out on the Lane. They weren't bad at all. i don't think they have been at it too long but already they are RoCKiNNN!! It's like the band to see right now so when they come to YOUR town check them out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Saying good-bye book...

In the late fall we went on a road trip starting off in Bakersfield to see John's father and Esther then over to 395 to see the quaking aspens and their color. On the way back over Tioga pass we stopped up in the meadows and tossed my grandma Edith's ashes along with my jack russell Comet's. Both were special to me and for Yosemite to be their forever spot makes me smile. Gramdma loved that crazy dog!!! They will enjoy each other forever in a beautiful spot next to the Tuolumne River. i made this book back in Dec. It's a magestical mixed up book. My labor of love to saying good bye.
Going to Yosemite this week reminded me of it so i decided to post it.
What are your plans for the weekend? Me...i have a date night with Hayden and some of his buddies at Chuck e cheese. Yeeeeehaw!!! It's a good time for them and cardboard pizzas for us. Maybe I'll talk to Diane about sneaking in some Suishi...hmmmmm. As for the rest of the weekend maybe some scrappin, some prepping of taxes (uughhh), spinning in the new cycle room...we'll see what plays out. Oh and the Oscars!!! What are your picks? i still need to see a few of them.
i did catch Juno...Rosie that should have been our Christmas movie!!!! Will we ever be able to redeem ourselves from our choice this year??? i don't even remember what we saw!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ahhhh Yosemite in the winter....

yes, Hayden and i snuck away to the mountains. On sunday early evening we drove up to the valley and stayed at our friend Joe's house. Hayden was thrilled to get there to see Joe and his friend Ted. He just has a good time with them. They always tease him by saying they wrestle bears in the early morning out on the Ahwahnee meadow. i think Hayden is catching on. Especially when they said something about gearing up, lowering down and cleaning the falls. i didn't get a chance to take many pictures because we were in such a rush. We had a fabulous breakfast a la Joe then headed up to Badger Pass. We arrived and were skiing by 10:00. Around 2:00 we decided to stop for lunch...we thought it was 12:00 ooooppps! Hayden decided he had enough so we packed up and headed home. He did a great job remembering how to get off the fall. Kinda like a pile up on i5. Not his fault though.

As always the Valley was beautiful. My favorite season up there. Not too many tourists and a lot of snow. Hayden was amazed to wake up in the morning to all that stuff.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recovery time...

oh yes, i am back in the swing of things. The gym, grocery shopping, laundry, picking up toys, cooking and the list goes on. Now are just the sweet memories of those 5 glorious days. i have added some pictures from our night out at Disneyland without kids and husbands. i am the forehead showing 4 people back.
i just got back from Kerry lynn's class and what a rockin time i had. We made a cute little book about our daily lives. i never do a book on just me. But to me it was all about the people that were there!!! The ever so lovely Maria Grace Abuzman came by to pick up our March kit...she's our guest designer....HURRRRAY!! Renee Savage was there whom i throughly enjoy her company. i met Marie Ramierez YAY!! Ok just a good time.
So my business partners took pics with all kinds of celebrities in the scrapbook industry at CHA. Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Elsie and Jessica Sprague. Am i jealous...hmmmm i saw Emily Falconbridge walking around with her baby and i had a moment of star struck. i so enjoy her work. She is from Perth Australia and i just love what she does. i suppose i can hear my brother Dan cheering for the Aussies. So she is my one photo taken with a designer...HuUrRayy!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We are back...

a little tired but we ordered a lot of goodies for the next 6 months out. OMG!!!! CHA was fantastic!!! The amount of artists that were together in one building was an incredible feeling for me. i sat back one day and really thought about all the companies, designers and distributors that were represented in one!!! It was our first trip there and overall i think team scrap for a cure did quite well. The floor was huge but we covered it quite well. Everyone got to see their favorite celebrities and all the new goodies. i have pictures but it is late and i am i will post soon.
i have on my "mommy pants" and am ready for what the boys bring my way but i think back to my FANTASTIC five days of glorious fun...lots of laughter, screaming fun and the rush of the rides at Disneyland. Did i forget to mention we went there? OOOps! 7 to 8 rides plus dinner in 4 hours...moms gone wild!!! Like i said will post pictures later.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Count down to CHA...

has begun. i wish it was friday already. Long drive down the I 5 but hey 5 whole days away i just don't know what I'm going to do with myself. Who am i kidding i have never been away that long by myself. Unfortunately i leave when there is some of the best skiing available. Well I guess some things got to give. i have wanted to go to CHA for at least 3 years now and it is finally happening.
i have begun taking photos for the class with Kerri Lynn on the 16th. Should be fun. i have never done a journal of just me.
i saw over at scrapmojo Marie has her new challenge up. When to find the time to do it.
time time time time some things always got to give

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Already in Feb...

wow time is just flying. i had a wonderful b-day week. You know you have to celebrate all week long or for the whole month is good too! i went out to dinner with friends, scrapped a little, shopped a little but no skiing. Not condusive enough. i hope to go after we get back from CHA. It is my first time being gone so long from my boys. i hope Liam will talk to me after i get back. i am so excited to go. i have wanted to go for soooo long now. i think we are going into Disneyland one night for a mom's gone wild night...should be fun.
i will post soon my mini book i worked on over at Diana's house last night. We had a fun little challenge.