Saturday, February 16, 2008

Recovery time...

oh yes, i am back in the swing of things. The gym, grocery shopping, laundry, picking up toys, cooking and the list goes on. Now are just the sweet memories of those 5 glorious days. i have added some pictures from our night out at Disneyland without kids and husbands. i am the forehead showing 4 people back.
i just got back from Kerry lynn's class and what a rockin time i had. We made a cute little book about our daily lives. i never do a book on just me. But to me it was all about the people that were there!!! The ever so lovely Maria Grace Abuzman came by to pick up our March kit...she's our guest designer....HURRRRAY!! Renee Savage was there whom i throughly enjoy her company. i met Marie Ramierez YAY!! Ok just a good time.
So my business partners took pics with all kinds of celebrities in the scrapbook industry at CHA. Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Elsie and Jessica Sprague. Am i jealous...hmmmm i saw Emily Falconbridge walking around with her baby and i had a moment of star struck. i so enjoy her work. She is from Perth Australia and i just love what she does. i suppose i can hear my brother Dan cheering for the Aussies. So she is my one photo taken with a designer...HuUrRayy!!!

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