Monday, February 25, 2008

ever been to france???

My sister Rosie is studying abroad this semester and she is there right now. One lucky duck i tell ya!!!
This photo is from her past weekend in provence...jealous much?? i miss her loads and way excited to live vicariously through her emails. Can you imagine the food mmmmmmm!!! The scents whofting through the air. The little cafes and shops tucked away on some little avenue. Do they have avenues over there??Ahhhh to be that age again and travel with no kids. Well maybe not that age just the part about traveling with no kids. Someday i will get to Europe.
Ok ok on to business things....CHA stuff is coming in like crazy!!! Can i tell you how much i love Paul Whittaker. That man RoCKs my world...well at least my scrapppy world. We are getting in 3 new Tinkering Ink lines for expo. You don't want to miss any of it.
My Zutter should be shipping any day now...can't wait to play with that. Have you played with one?
What did you scrap this weekend??
Were you satisfied with the Oscar winners? What dresses did you like??

I saw the movie Vantage Point. My friends now know i am a screamer at movies.


Lisa said...

hm.. I would love to go to France! One day :)

Cricket said...

how cool for your sister, it's my dream to visit France one day!