Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunny California....

So spring has sprung a little...time to get those pedicures in all the colors with bling or not. Picked out any cute sandals to go with those beautiful toes? i have seen some but haven't narrowed it down yet. Oh but the hunt for the seasonal purse hase begun and probably stopped in one store. Round and round we go, where we stopped...the Cole Haan store. Ouch!!

i just love the color...i was telling my friend Mia (also a lover of bags) that the orange was not a OH my god orange but an aaaaaahh.
Ok i have to move away from the "i want" bag...what are you doing this weekend? i will most likely work on finishing up the expo classes. fun fun fun And i can't forget my date with the tax lady...that is always a hoot 15 mins of business and 1 3/4 hr of gabbing. She is kinda like my aunt. She lived with us for a short while when i was a teenager.
The Scrap for a Cure March kits go up later today...can i now say Maria Grace Abuzman is our guest designer OMG!!! Ok the business partners are gonna get me for that being let out of the bag buuut i just LOVE her. What a great designer and gal!!! Check out our blog we are giving away all kinds of goodies over there. Don't miss out!!! now go out and enjoy your weekend!!!


Jules said...

Oooooh that is one hawt purse, I don't like orange but I totally would go for that one! I'm glad we don't have a Coach store near me or else I would have more than I already have!

Zulkijora said...
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