Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We are back...

a little tired but we ordered a lot of goodies for the next 6 months out. OMG!!!! CHA was fantastic!!! The amount of artists that were together in one building was an incredible feeling for me. i sat back one day and really thought about all the companies, designers and distributors that were represented in one building...wow!!! It was our first trip there and overall i think team scrap for a cure did quite well. The floor was huge but we covered it quite well. Everyone got to see their favorite celebrities and all the new goodies. i have pictures but it is late and i am tired...so i will post soon.
i have on my "mommy pants" and am ready for what the boys bring my way but i think back to my FANTASTIC five days of glorious fun...lots of laughter, screaming fun and the rush of the rides at Disneyland. Did i forget to mention we went there? OOOps! 7 to 8 rides plus dinner in 4 hours...moms gone wild!!! Like i said will post pictures later.

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