Friday, February 22, 2008

Saying good-bye book...

In the late fall we went on a road trip starting off in Bakersfield to see John's father and Esther then over to 395 to see the quaking aspens and their color. On the way back over Tioga pass we stopped up in the meadows and tossed my grandma Edith's ashes along with my jack russell Comet's. Both were special to me and for Yosemite to be their forever spot makes me smile. Gramdma loved that crazy dog!!! They will enjoy each other forever in a beautiful spot next to the Tuolumne River. i made this book back in Dec. It's a magestical mixed up book. My labor of love to saying good bye.
Going to Yosemite this week reminded me of it so i decided to post it.
What are your plans for the weekend? Me...i have a date night with Hayden and some of his buddies at Chuck e cheese. Yeeeeehaw!!! It's a good time for them and cardboard pizzas for us. Maybe I'll talk to Diane about sneaking in some Suishi...hmmmmm. As for the rest of the weekend maybe some scrappin, some prepping of taxes (uughhh), spinning in the new cycle room...we'll see what plays out. Oh and the Oscars!!! What are your picks? i still need to see a few of them.
i did catch Juno...Rosie that should have been our Christmas movie!!!! Will we ever be able to redeem ourselves from our choice this year??? i don't even remember what we saw!!!


Amadia said...

That is an awesome book, I love all the different page shapes and textures. Gorgeous.

Sharmaine said...

What a gorgeous album!! LOVE IT!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, appreciate your comments :0)
Going to bookmark your blog so Ican come visit again :)