Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday night lights...

and they were bright for the man....Tim Holtz. What a wonderful man i must say. He was in Northern CA teaching at one of my favorite stores, My Daughter's Wish.
Sheri always is the wonderful hostess along with her crew! Loved seeing Daniela,Tabitha and Nancy.
(Maybe a little less pink Nancy)

We took one of his canvas book classes. i have wanted to take this class for a while. Well worth the wait. Diane and i had a marvelous time.

At the end Tim had a raffle he stated "good things happen to good people".

Mario wanted me to pick a ticket out of the basket. So the ticket i pulled out was my own!!!! No way!!! Good things good thoughts means good Karma!! Oh yeah. Then a couple of other numbers were pulled towards the end he pulled out 2 t-shirts from CHA. OOOhhh Diane wanted the green shirt sooo bad. So he started 3....7....then i said 8 loud and so did he!!!! Diane screamed like she was at a Duran Duran concert!!! Mario said good channeling to me. Good things happen to good people!!


Diane B. said...

Yay us!!! :) And yeah, I'm stealin' your pics for MY blog. LOL

Charleen said...

Looks like you had way fun!

Marie said...

that is sooo awesome!!!! Yay diane!!!! Yay ginger!! You girls rock! My cousin backed out of the trip this weekend pooo but im still down. hehehehe!

nikki peterson said...

looks like you guys had a great time!
hope to see you soon!

kenner said...

and good things happen to beautiful people like you & d!!