Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a little family time...

goes a long way.
Fresh fruit and veggies.
Ohhh and the corn.
You can't forget the corn.
Sweet white and to summer perfection.

We all came from various areas to come together for the commonality of family. The kids had a great time playing and eating. Hayden brought his drawings to show everyone. i am so proud of him. Liam just sat in any available lap he could find and eat to his hearts desire around the table.

There was plenty to choose from.
So these are the sisters five.
Five we stand strong...20s, 30s, and i need not say 40s. I'm sure they love it. Poor David, our brother, come on you don't come to this kind of event in Madras shorts. i don't care if you say you were on the course. Your sisters are gonna take the opportunity to raz front of you and behind your back.

five we


Lizzy said...

This was ever so sweet.

Diane B. said...

cute sistah photo!

Cathy said...

Great pic Ginger! Always wished I had close siblings like you do.

jen said...

This was such a wonderful day!