Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you an April fool?

Ok so besides the camping trip and Reno i forgot the Wiggle tickets I received from a mob member. She had extra tickets and were giving them away to the first person who responded. i had just been talking to Diane about the fact that i had never taken Hayden to see tham. Well the three of us went to see the Wiggles...a big huuurray from Liam! He did enjoy them from my lap. A huge man sat in front of us and they opened with what looked like the Easter Bunny but it was only Mary's lamb. But still we know how Liam feels about people dressed as animals. i also forgot to tell you we colored our eggs when we were camping. Hayden always enjoys himself coloring them...i do too!

Yesterday was our April launch day at Scrap for a Cure.. The project is FANTASTIC...not to be missed! I can't wait to play with mine.

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