Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My 44th...

and a nice mellow one. Had a little workout with my friends...nothing like a good sweat!! Don't know what my DH is going to do tonight, maybe a BBQ. A lot of family and friends have called and emailed which was nice that i couldn't sneak the day by.
I have uploaded some photos of my 4th of July album that i finished 3 times over (created 2 others for my friends Michelle and Jill) I just had so much fun with the boys last July on our road trip. Here it is at the end of January and my mind has been going with thoughts of the open road that summer brings. We have a few trips on the books for the summer. Trying out some new campgrounds with Diane. It must be that wonderlust that i have in me. Even with 2 kids i can still travel on my own with them. And have a good time seeing the sights. Ohh i can't wait for summer!!!

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