Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So here it is Dec...

the fog is slowly lifting. i made it through my brother's frozen turkey and all the trimmings. It was wonderful seeing my sisters and hanging with the Kirby's. Somewhere in the middle of celebrating with my family my father in law went on life support and passed away. I've been very sad dealing with my emotions. The man was an incredible father. You would never know what a life the man had led. He had done so me he was "Chuck". i enjoyed our conversations and i will miss him greatly. With weddings and funerals you get to see family members. In the picture are his grandchildren and the great grandchildren minus a few. Hayden really enjoyed connecting with his older cousins from New York. Now i think he wants to go there this summer. Do you think i can send him Fed Ex with a little food in the box? He asked me if we could go camping there. Hmmmm
My handsome boys all dressed up for the memorial. i never dress them alike...but they sure did look cute. And they were such good young men...i was very proud of them.
This is a little something i created before Thanksgiving. i also made one for my father and for Diane. And in this past week 75 memorial cards and a memory book for my father in law. Somewhere i need to find the time to create Christmas cards...maybe the first year i don't get them out.


merryheart2 said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your father in law. your boys are very handsome indeed.

i love the banner. i didn't get around to making cards either this year. i'm hoping to make my gift tags tonight.

Diane B. said...

OMG. How cute is that pic of the 2 boys? Don't sweat it about the xmas cards or perhaps you can get them done on Sat @ MDW? Although we have frames to do for thought!