Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can you believe he's a 49rrrr??

Yes, my man turned 49 yesterday. The boys were thrilled to make him cards, pick out his cake and help me make his dinner. Thank goodness it wasn't his favorite dogs rolled in cressent rolls. Yeah that's my guy.

This is my take on the OLW challenge. Liam and i were fooling around with the camera one morning and this picture came out just beautiful. It's funny how we as the memory keepers have to do a lot of self portraits.

And the other LO is one of my favorites because Hayden is being so mad at me. The title is from Sidney Poitier's movie...They Call Me Mr. Tibbs!

And did you know what Friday the 19th is??? i didn't either. So go out and practice your Aye maties and shiver me timbers!


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Big John! You're like a fine wine, aging to perfection.

Marie said...

hehehehehe yay for pirate day! happy day to ur hubby and that cake looks yummy!!! Love your layouts girlie!