Monday, September 8, 2008

Say it ain't so....

the last days of summer camping. Nah, not us professionals. i have to say even the heat got to us this weekend out in Rio Vista. On our explorations...Gemma T's in town good for lunch and don't knock the lumpia until you try it. (Beef instead of Chicken) And the AC is RoCkiN!!! Yes we did find ways to keep cool. Speakin' of about our men!!! Hands up in the air with a whoot whoot. They saved a man in the water. John swam out to him and gave him a hand with his true wingman, Bruce not far behind him "Baywatching" on his windsurf board. He got out to John just in time. John had seen this man floating by on some reeds so he swam out to him just as the man decided to jump off and try to swim to shore. He started to go under and John reached out to him and gave him a hand. They got him to shore safely on the board.
Bruce also saved my son, Hayden. He said he wanted to see how deep it was and left his flotation device. Well it was deep and Bruce nabbed him.
Last weekend we were camping at Memorial Park. We went into town on Sat and went antiquing with 3 kids...yeah we found some goodies even though we were hindered. i ran across these bags of goodies and some other things too. The town of Pescadero has all kinds of little shops and fresh bread...yes, warm mmmmmm!! And i ran into a friend of mine, Amy who i use to show the Jack Russells with. She was working at the store that sold the wonderful warm artichoke bread.
These are my first attempt at an atc swap. i have never done an atc swap before so i tried one with sistv it's the sisters traveling of the traveling pants 2.

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Diane B. said...

those atc's turned out nicely!

and whoot! whoot! to our hubbies for goin' all Baywatch on us. LOL