Monday, February 23, 2009

Never would i have thought...

i would get picked, but i did!!! As usual i was doing my average night of surfing and ran across Scrap Etc. 2009. They were discussing that Margie Romney-Aslett was giving away a ticket to the event. A ticket to ALL the classes...yes a ticket oh my!! A single golden ticket...never did i think...well i was chosen
Now i have to figure out how to fly across country to Atlanta, GA, coordinate babysitters, hotel room and meals...oh my!!

So I've been hooked on ATC swaps on SIStv. Diane and i spent a couple of Saturdays ago making them it was fun and the boys behaved themselves so we got so much done. These ATC's are from the woodgrain swap and the next is from the Dr. Seuss swap. That one was a lot of fun with the colors.

So this past Saturday Diane and i hit the road to Picture Me Perfect to take a class with Miss Nikki Peterson. We did twelve...yes 12 layouts. Good time as always was to be had. Suzy was the hostess with the mostest...snorts and all!!! It was good meeting up with some SISters and of course seeing Marie and her cousin, Crystal. i was soooo excited to see the difference in Marie's weight loss. It had been a while since i have seen her sooo i definitely saw the difference. Way to go!!!

All of us SISters together for a group shot.

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Diane B. said...

i was wondering when you were gonna blog about your BIG WIN! me so jealous!!!