Thursday, October 16, 2008

challenges, inspirations and little lovelies of fall...

So this past weekend was our Art, Wine and Jazz Festival. Hayden entered his Matisse and he also had a drawing he did with his class. Very proud of that boy i am. He started out drawing this summer with my father and this was one of his firsts.

Diane, Liam and i went to Berkeley last Sunday. Liam came along so he could go to his Grand daddy's and Lizzy. He was so funny because he asked to spend time with the 2 of them. So i dropped him off and we were off to the mecca of shopping that awaited us. A feast for the eyes also.
We hit the usuals Scapbook Territory, Castle in the Air and Anthropology. Oh My GoodNeSs we are so starving out here.
It was so good to feel the vibe of the city. The Obama bake sale had some yummy things to eat. We would never have one of those out here.

Upon picking Liam up...we walk in and my little guy is was buzzed by Grand daddy. there were long rouge hairs and pockets where the steady hand must of waivered but nonetheless it was time spent with family. He picked these beautiful little pears with Lizzy. They were just so cute.

Returning with my bag of goodness i went straight to work that night. My head was racing with inspirations. So these are some of my fun that night.
i have been consuming myself with challenges. This one that one...well my next challenge was to Diane yesterday. Finish 3 projects by the end of the month. Things that are almost finished but just not done. How many of those do we have? Why can't we just finish them? Well i have found a lot while i am cleaning out my scrappy corner. i have NEVER cleaned out gone through or thrown out my stash. Oh am i sick!!! Bring in the guys with the white coats.


Diane B. said...

that Liam is such the ham.

And as for the white coats, they'll pick you up after they pick me up.


2 projects down and 1 to go!

Marie said...

Those are great pages! Why did you guys come pick me up?? Boo on u two lol!

Diana said...

Great LO's Ging~
I can't believe you "purged"- Miss User of EVERYTHING~ there probably wasn't that much to toss right??
:) Happy Friday

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Layouts. I absolutely love them