Monday, October 13, 2008

Saying good-bye...

to our sweet summer. Ah yes it is now fall the days are cooler the leaves are falling and the geese are flying. At least they sure were last week where we were camping at Collins Lake. If i don't hear another flock of geese flying over until next year I'll be happy. They don't have alarm squaks and they all start in...6:30AM first light yes?
Bruce made fishing fanatics out of the boys. They loved it. Maybe not the walk back...the lake was low after 2 years of draught.

Our home sweet campsite. Yes, you can see 2 tents. i hit the dirt on this trip my husband was visiting his father. Since the boys were down on the dock fishing Diane and i found ourselves with a lot of idle time and we only brought one scrappy project Daniela's so we played many hands of solitare.

You got to be sure you explore your world above and below.

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Marie said...

hehehehe how cool! Looks like lots of fun! Stupid loud geese! ha!