Thursday, October 2, 2008

How do you teach a teenager manners?

So yesterday we had the honor of meeting Claude, the albino alligator at The Academy of Sciences. Evidently he and his lady friend are unruly teenagers and have no manners when it comes time for their meals. They attack the biologists behind their wooden walls.Hayden enjoyed having the docent there to answer all of his questions regarding the alligators and fish.What a treat it was to go to the city. Of course we were there for the kids but it was absolutely worth it as an adult. The kids ran all over the facility.The boys enjoyed the fact that they could go under and over in the building.

The building was a feast for the eyes. And so nice to get out of town for the day. i guess a couple of other families thought the same also...saw some other towns people. Well for our next adventure...stay tuned!!

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Marie said...

so very cool! Yeah we are going to the pumpkin patch tmw u guys should all come too! FUN FUN FUN!